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Article: Do beeswax candles clean the air?

Do beeswax candles clean the air?

Do beeswax candles clean the air?

Do beeswax candles clean the air? You might be wondering this if you’re seeking a safer, healthier alternative to other candles.

But before we get into whether or not beeswax candles clean the air, we first need to understand how other candles can be harmful and why beeswax is often considered better than other candles.

Why are some candles bad for you?

Some research claims that the most common candle — one using paraffin wax — is unhealthy to burn (especially in poorly ventilated spaces). Paraffin wax is made from petroleum gas, which sounds pretty scary. However, studies conflict on whether or not these candles actually release enough chemicals to harm a person’s health.

That being said, paraffin candles do release soot. Breathing in soot can potentially have a variety of negative effects on the human body. These effects can include respiratory and sinus issues, as well as concerns related to cancer. What’s worse is that this soot can stick to walls, ceilings, and furniture, and linger in homes for an undetermined amount of time. 

How are beeswax candles different from paraffin candles?

Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax candles are not made from petroleum. Instead, beeswax candles are made from bees and are 100% natural. On top of this, beeswax candles are also considered a sustainable product — since harvesting beeswax does not disrupt the natural cycle. 

Some sources claim that pure beeswax candles even improve indoor air quality and can reduce respiratory and sinus-related issues — the exact opposite effect of paraffin candles. These claims are due to the ability of beeswax candles to clean or “purify” the air. So, to answer the question, “Do beeswax candles clean the air?” — yes, beeswax candles release negative ions that neutralize harmful particles in the air.

How do beeswax candles clean the air?

When beeswax candles burn, they release negative ions that bond with positive ions (or toxins) to neutralize them. These toxins can include pollen, germs, dust, and other harmful particles.

However, the benefits of negative ions don’t stop there. Studies claim that negative ions can:

  • Alleviate depression
  • Decrease drowsiness
  • Increase alertness
  • Increase mental energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Generally make people feel more refreshed

Are beeswax candles better?

In our opinion, yes — beeswax candles are better than other candles. The idea that other types of candles may directly put more toxins into your living environment is scary. And anything you can do to remove those harmful particles from the places where you eat, sleep, and relax is good in our books. Beeswax does exactly that.

Plus, the ability of these negative ions released from beeswax to improve your mood and energy is borderline magical and not to be discounted.

Additional facts and benefits of beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are pure, sustainable, and energy-boosting; however, beeswax candles go above and beyond these simple, yet powerful benefits.

  • How long do beeswax candles burn? These candles burn on average much longer than other candles — with some burning as long as 80 hours
  • Do beeswax candles drip? Beeswax candles don’t drip wax and keep your spaces cleaner.
  • Do beeswax candles produce soot? No soot is produced by beeswax candles, which is good news for your home and furniture!

In the market for all-natural, long-lasting beeswax candles?

If you’re looking for high-quality beeswax candles, make sure you read the label and watch for ingredients.

Not all beeswax candles are created equal and some brands may attempt to mislead you. You want to look for a candle that is 100% pure beeswax, and if it is scented, make sure it’s scented with good-for-you essential oils. As an added tip, look for a wood or cotton wick — not metal (since these can contain lead).

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