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Hi there,

I am Tram!

I am a full-time chemical engineer who has spent many years working in consumer industries. I have always fallen in love with the feeling of transforming simple elements into everyday products. There have been countless moments when I felt incredibly excited to see the products I've worked on land on grocery shelves. The feeling is pure joy.

My love for these consumer products grows bigger every day, which is why I am so passionate about creating a product line that I can proudly call my own. What could be better than making your home feel cozier, healthier, and non-toxic? This passion led to the birth of 'Living Good Candle Co.'

I struggled with naming this brand, but let me tell you, every time I pause in my life, I am truly living good - embracing those moments entirely and letting a candle's flame whisk away my stresses.

I really want my customers to feel what I've felt. Candles aren't just for creating a smell-good home; they actually bring light to you. I believe burning a candle is akin to lighting yourself up with many positive energies. Beeswax is significantly contribute in bringing those positive vibes into your life by purifying your air and your mind with its bright yellow shade.

Thank you for getting to know me. I'm excited to get to know you too! Feel free to say 'Hi' to me through our Contact Us page.

Smell you soon!



I spent six straight months from December 2021 to May 2022 researching to ensure we had the best candle ever.

Got my first three sales on Amazon the day I launched. Thank you to our very first customer!

Our Second Launch on July 2022

I decided to transfer to the handmade ceramic candle jars. All of these candle jars are handmade by the Vietnamese artist

Another jar revolution in 2022

Claricomb has been nominated for Amazon Choice - a significant win for me.

2023 Fall- Holiday Collection

I received my first Texas Monthly feature with our holiday collection - yay!

Introduced 6 new scents, 1 new product line, and many customer wins.



Our candles are truly one-of-a-kind! They're special because we use beeswax, which isn't easy to work with—many candle makers shy away from it. But we believe in its fantastic air-purifying qualities that outweigh the challenges. What's more exciting is that each candle gets its own unique color from the different pollens in beeswax. It's like each candle has its own story, embracing the natural beauty of beeswax in every pour.