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Nostalgia awakens with the aroma of cinnamon bark freshly stripped from its tree evokes cherished memories, transporting you to a place of warmth and familiarity.  The mingling of earthy cloves with the robust roasted cumin creates a strong yet soothing spiciness that envelops your home with comfort. The creamy sandalwood adds a subtle, velvety touch, welcoming you home.



Top: Fresh Cinnamon (EO), Roasted Cumin (EO)

Heart: Spicy Clove (EO), Warm Cinnamon (EO)

Base: Creamy Sandalwood (EO)

  • EO stands for essential oils


Good to Know:

  • Spicy, earthy 
  • Medium Intensity Scent Throw
  • 90 Hour-Burning Time