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Imagine a fragrant journey through a winter wonderland, where each breath you take carries you deeper into the enchanting realm of Christmas. As you continue this sensory adventure, a heartwarming medley unfolds. The vivacious allure of peppermint candy, the sweet and tart embrace of cranberries, and the rich depth of pomegranate merge in perfect harmony. The dried orange citrus adds a perfect balance to the experience. However, what truly makes this scent an embodiment of Christmas magic is the base note. The marshmallow fluff, like fluffy snowflakes, blankets the entire composition with cozy, sugary warmth, enveloping your senses and whispering of holiday delights and cherished moments.


Scent Notes:

Top: Dried orange (EO)
Heart: Peppermint (EO), Cranberry (EO), Pomegranate
Base: Marshmallow Fluff
** EO stands for Essential Oils


Good to Know:

  • Sweet, Holiday vibes
  • Medium Intensity Scent Throw
  • 30 Hour-Burning Time
MERRYMINT Sale price$16.00