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Dazzling citrus merges with the earthy woodsy charm of Palo Santo, conjuring an enchanting aromatic tapestry. Infused with the vibrant zest of Bergamot and the lively essence of Orange essential oils, a symphony of invigoration takes center stage. Beneath this lively overture, fig leaf and a subtle hint of Clove Leaf unfurl, evoking natures timeless elegance. As beeswax purifies the air, the essence of Palo Santo cleanses the senses, infusing an ambiance of bold tranquility that lingers, etching its essence into the soul


Scent Notes:

Top: Bergamot (EO), Orange (EO)
Heart: Fig Leaf (EO), Blue Cactus, Clove Leaf (EO)
Base: Palo Santo, Olibanum (EO), Cedarwood (EO)


Good to Know

  • Medium Intensity
  • Fresh - Woodsy
  • 90 Hour-Burning Time


PALO SANTO Sale price$35.00