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Toasty Pumpkin Brulee

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A Sunday morning in your garden, basking in the soft sunlight, while the aroma of a piping hot Pumpkin Chai Latte envelops you. This idyllic moment inspired our Toasty Pumpkin Brulee candle. The complex aroma of cardamom blending with earthy nutmeg and Tonka bean creates a grounding feeling that evokes the cozy essence of fall, like a cherished memory from seasons past. The harmonious blend of baked pumpkin and a hint of vanilla offers a subtle sweetness, a gentle reminder of comforting moments shared in the heart of autumn.



Top: Indian Cardamom, Warm Nutmeg (EO)

Heart: Baked Pumpkin, Brown Sugar, Spicy Clove (EO)

Base: Vanilla (EO), Cinnamon Sticks (EO), Tonka Bean

  • EO stands for essential oils


Good to Know:

  • Sweet, warm, and earthy
  • Medium Intensity Scent Throw
  • 90 Hour-Burning Time